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Hiya!! My name is Jamie! This is my personal fashion blog, but sometimes I post things about my milso life! You can message me and ask me anything you need to know about anything fashion or beauty, or even if you just need to simply talk! Love you all:)


Please let it be known that “you look better without all that makeup on” is not a compliment. Why you may ask? Because I don’t wear makeup so I can look better in your eyes because Lord knows someone else will turn around and say that I look like a goat without makeup. So really, #idgaf, #IDoWhatIWant. I wear makeup because I love it, it’s my art, it’s how I express myself. If you want to tell me that you think I have a lot of natural beauty, say exactly that. But I don’t put this shit on for anybody and I sure as hell am not gonna take it off for anyone either.